Learn how to buy property in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey as a foreigner

Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and property with many countries. This means that the people of these nations that allow Turks to buy land in their countries, can in return, buy land in Turkey. Foreigners may purchase in their own name if the property is outside military zones. Based on these agreements foreigners of the following countries are eligible. England, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxemburg, Norway, Greece as well as some African and South American states. The full list is available in our branches.
No matter where the land or the house may be situated if the buyer is a foreign person, the deed office has to officially ask the prior approval or permission of the highest military command of the area before transferring the title (Approval of the ministry of Defense: Savunma Bakanliği). The duration of the request for permission is estimated on 60 our 90 days. The reasons for this are to ensure that foreign buyers will not acquire a property within military zones. No land or property within forbidden regions and safety regions can be sold, transferred or rented. (Forbidden regions - Military zones)